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(ENG) Manufacturing Long-Lasting Wood Frame Homes and Enhancing Prefabricated CLT Value

  • Door:
    Andris Dlohi, Ceo & Founder, CLT Profi | Emils Glazuns, Sales Manager, VIA-S Houses | Aija Pope, Commercial Relations Representative, Amber Constructions
  • Datum:
    dinsdag 14 mei 2024
  • Tijd:
    15:30 - 16:00
  • Locatie:
    Praktijktheater Toekomstbestendig bouwen

  • With the bold ambitions and bio-based regulations growing in the Netherlands' housing market, the heart of the Baltics Latvia  makes its debut at the Houtbouw Expo to share experiences from an innovation-focused and wood-rich country. Every day at 15:30, three companies will showcase their technological innovations and share insights from their projects across Europe to everyone interested in the sustainable construction industry.

    On Tuesday, we invite to an English-speaking session where one will learn from three experienced companies:

    • Amber Constructions ( - This company will share their expertise in delivering sustainable wood-frame homes. Their focus is on the longevity of a house, combined with operational excellence in completing the home within 90 days.
    • CLT Profi ( - As the leading CLT construction manufacturer in Latvia, CLT Profi will take the stage to elaborate on adding even more value to prefabricated CLT constructions. The company also boasts extensive experience in the Dutch market.
    • VIA-S Houses ( - With two decades in the business and nearly 2,000 mobile modular houses delivered across Europe, VIA-S will share their insights on providing sustainable and affordable solutions to everyone from simple guardhouses to combined multi-storey complexes.

    Join these and other sessions and visit the central Latvian stand at 1.C105! 

    (Deze sessie is Engelstalig gesproken)

  • Sprekers/Partners

    Andris Dlohi

    Ceo & Founder
    CLT Profi
    Andris  Dlohi

    Emils Glazuns

    Sales Manager
    VIA-S Houses
    Emils  Glazuns

    Aija Pope

    Commercial Relations Representative
    Amber Constructions
    Aija  Pope