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(ENG) Seminar on Revolutionary Construction Solution: "KLIK-KLIK Wall System" - From Innovation to Cost Savings and Environmental Friendliness.

  • Door:
    Erik Meinarts, Chief Operating Officer, CLT Factory | Karl Dzelzitis, R&D Engineer, CLT Factory
  • Datum:
    donderdag 16 mei 2024
  • Tijd:
    11:45 - 12:15
  • Locatie:
    Praktijktheater Toekomstbestendig bouwen

  • Explore the latest construction innovation with a seminar on the "KLIK-KLIK Wall System" - a unique system of 16 prefabricated CLT (Cross-Laminated Timber) elements that offers fast, simple, and cost-effective building construction with unique screw-less joint system. 
    Engage in the technical aspects of the available KLIK-KLIK application and learn how this solution saves costs. Discover the environmental friendliness of using sustainable CLT. It's a seminar on future construction changes, accessible to anyone who wants to prioritize innovation and efficiency in construction. 

    Seminar participants will gain several significant advantages: 

    • Significant innovation understanding: Attendees will acquaint themselves with and understand the "KLIK-KLIK Wall System" as a revolutionary construction solution, experiencing its operation and technical aspects. 
    • Efficient construction: Participants will gain an understanding of the properties of CLT and KLIK-KLIK , allowing them to efficiently and quickly implement projects, reducing construction costs and time. 
    • Practical experience: With the KLIK-KLIK APP , participants will be able to quickly and easily design and calculate building plans, gaining practical experience in the design process. 
    • Cost savings: Attendees will receive specific information on how the KLIK-KLIK Wall System can save compared to traditional construction costs. 
    • Environmental friendliness and sustainability: The seminar will enlighten participants about the sustainability and environmental friendliness of the material used - CLT - which is essential in today's construction industry context. Practical examples and inspiration: Attendees will gain insights into real projects using the KLIK-KLIK Wall System and receive inspiration for implementing their own projects. The seminar will provide a comprehensive understanding of KLIK-KLIK and its benefits, offering participants tools and information to successfully implement this innovative solution in their construction practice.

    What practical tools will be provided that participants can apply in their professional field?

    •  KLIK-KLIK APP : Participants will familiarize themselves with and practically use the KLIK-KLIK application to outline the exterior and interior wall plans of a single-storey building, add windows and doors. It serves as a useful tool in design and planning. 
    • Availability of technical documentation: Access to technical documentation on the KLIK-KLIK Wall System will be provided during the seminar, offering detailed information on materials, assembly, and connection systems. 
    • Contacts and collaboration opportunities: Participants will have the opportunity to contact company representatives, ask questions, and discuss specific design or construction situations, providing opportunities for future collaboration. 
    • KLIK-KLIK Wall System samples: Practical samples from the KLIK-KLIK Wall System will be shown during the seminar, allowing participants to confirm the quality and properties of the material. Exclusive access to information: Participants will receive exclusive information and be among the first to experience and understand the latest construction innovation, which will be beneficial in their professional work.
  • Sprekers/Partners

    Erik Meinarts

    Chief Operating Officer
    CLT Factory
    Erik  Meinarts

    Karl Dzelzitis

    R&D Engineer
    CLT Factory